Alidropship Vs. Shopify Dropshipping: Which one is better for your dropshipping business?

Establishing a dropshipping business with the affinity of the 2 software’s (Alidropship & Oberlo) couldn't be simpler in contrast with when your chores are done physically. The disadvantage of this is that both softwares are solely and explicitly developed for their platform. 

This implies alidropship e-commerce plugin can't be reciprocally utilized with oberlo. Oberlo just functions on Shopify whilst alidropship is constructed exclusively for both WooCommerce and WordPress. What does this signify for your drop-shipping trade? It implies you need to pick one of the two, and your decision will certainly decide the platform you prefer to dropship. 

What’s Shopify? 

Shopify is an across the board eCommerce platform that makes it plain for you to build an online store, import products into Shopify, acknowledge payments, and deal with your stock all from a solitary platform while never stressing over the specialized features of handling a site, for example, security, web hosting, caching, and so on. The cost for Shopify basic plan is $29/month. The Shopify plan is $79/month & the advanced Shopify plan is $299/month are Shopify charges.

Note: free alternative to Shopify is BigCartel, Magento & 3dcart, etc. and plugin for Shopify are loads like Syncee, AfterShip, Pre-Order etcetera.

Core Attributes

  • Multipurpose e-commerce solution, comprising the capacity to buy domain, CMS & hosting access 
  • Free SSL 
  • 100+ payment openings for clients
  • A lot of accessible e-commerce or Shopify store theme 
  • Simple to use for individuals who don't have coding experience 
  •  CRO optimization components — extremely advanced templates, halted checkout retrieval, numerous dialects, adaptable shipping rates 
  • SEO optimization components — for instance, structured data, metadata, sitemap, and so on 
  • order fulfillment and store management capacity 
  • Web hosting — SSL certificate, email forwarding, unlimited bandwidth, instant upgrades and updates
  • Marketing optimization aspects — discounts, social media integration, email marketing, Google AdWords’ credit 
  • Analytics — conversions, traffic, item explicit reports 
  • 24/7 client care 

Dropshipping With Shopify 

When assembling a drop-shipping business, the end-face of your site will look much the same as any sort of online store. Your clients will have the option to browse the items, add them to your cart, as well as make a payment, much the equivalent as they would do on some other ecomm store. Contingent upon the merchants you pick, you will at that point need to submit the client's request for the shipping. 

Shopify additionally has integration applications for a few mainstream dropshipping marketplaces such as Aliexpress, Printify, Oberlo, and above. In any case, every one of these product marketplaces has its peculiar membership charges, shipping, and different expenses that you need to remember when constructing your dropshipping site with Shopify. 

Oberlo Dropshipping 

Oberlo is viewed as among the top dropshipping organizations for e-commerce. With oberlo you don't have to look for a great many producers all alone. You could import oberlo product from aliexpress straightly to your Shopify store or exploit the extensive rundown of established dropshipping oberlo suppliers.

The Difference Between Shopify And Woocommerce

User-Friendliness: Most clients opening an online store are not developers or web designers. Indeed, even clients who know about fundamental ideas prerequisite a platform that is user-friendly to make use of and comes out of their way. Shopify is the right winner. 

Add-ons & Integrations: No issue how strong an e-commerce platform is, you'll at all times require 3rd party tools and services to expand your store. For instance, lead generation tools, analytics tools, email marketing software, outreach services, and so forth. 

Both woocommerce and Shopify have a monstrous extensions index, besides they coordinate with some 3rd party services. WooCommerce is better than Shopify. 

Payment Modes: There are abundant payments gateways that you can make use of to acknowledge payments on the web. Several payment modes might not be right and proper for you, and certain others cannot be approachable to your clientele.

This is the rationale that it's imperative that the platform you opt for offers abundant payment choices. We should investigate how woo-commerce and Shopify contrast when it accompanies payment integrations. Both are champs. 

Cost: Cost is time and again the extremely vital factor for ecomm site owners. You require assessing the expense of kicking off while likewise remembering the variable expenses for add-on services as well as software. WooCommerce is a genuine front-runner. 

What’s An Alidropship Plugin? 

Alidropship is the multipurpose dropshipping plugin for WordPress, and it’s a rostrum that allows you to make a dropshipping trade through marketing aliexpress items. You can procure a ready-made dropshipping business, host your website with them or merely utilize their module for the WordPress site. Continue reading the in-depth alidropship review:

Core Attributes 

Simple arrangement with no coding experience needed — even though preliminary hosting setup can be testing, therefore, we suggest buying hosting from alidropship, as it's very reasonable 

  • A single click item import from aliexpress 
  • Explicit channels to discover attractive products on aliexpress
  • Viable with woo-commerce themes (the alidropship woo version) 
  • WooCommerce Integration — through the alidropship woo plugin version (Both the original & woo variant are incorporated when buying)
  • Free CRO & SEO optimized themes that are accessible with the plugin
  • Pricing automation — applying a pricing formula to apply explicit standards to existing and fresh items 
  • Automatic price updates — as aliexpress costs change, your store will adjust its pricing
  • Place orders automatically — whether there are 2 standing orders or 30, simply click the ‘order’ button, and alidropship will put in all of the requisitions automatically
  • AliDropship forum — for clients to talk about their experience, matters, and achievements
  • Active email & chat support — typically emails back inside a couple of hours to 1 day
  • Fabulous learning sources, seeing the organization run their own exceptionally effective alidropship stores; they understand what's at present working. 

How Does Alidropship Module Function? 

The alidropship plugin highlights a significant framework for estimating markup – the sum added to the cost of products to cover overhead and income. Subsequently, you decided the guidelines; all fresh items that you will import in the store going to be cost as per the plan. 


  • Import items from aliexpress into your website in a single click
  • Pick mobile-friendly, adaptable themes.
  • In-built marketing highlights to send email & make coupons.
  • Import aliexpress item reviews.
  • Add limitless items.
  • Amalgamate dropshipping with your woo-commerce store. 
  • Automate the module updates.
  • Automate estimating dependent on your custom standards. 
  • Get into analytics and product tracking from your dashboard. 
  • Access free assistance.


  • WordPress can be tough for novices.
  • One-click import just functions on Google Chrome
  • Certain features are paid: for example, a popup for late deals ($29) or product reviews from your own clients (both priced $29)
  • A very few themes are accessible. They additionally are short of adaptability in light of the fact that the majority of the settings are bolted (design, header & menu position, and so forth). 

Alidropship Vs Shopify Dropshipping Store 

The eCommerce business will be worth around 600 billion dollars in the year 2024. Whilst it is frightening stats, it demonstrates a certain something: there's such a lot of cash for online vendors to make in the business. 

There's no uncertainty thinking about that there are in excess of 10 million eCommerce stores on the web. It's not hard to locate an eCommerce storekeeper or online business that doesn't utilize software solutions. 

E-comm software arrangements have reduced the outstanding burden, making it simpler as well as advantageous for online dealers to maintain their business to make sure of the greatest benefit. In the event that you expect to wander into e-commerce, two ecomm solutions will beat the competition: alidropship coupled with Shopify. 

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Resemblances & Contrasts 

  • Auto currency localization
  • Dropshipping platforms 
  • Chrome extension & plugins 
  • Web hosting (Note: alidropship hosting is a shared hosting service)
  • Site templates
  • 3rd party payment gateways 


  • AliDropship encourages dropshipping whilst Shopify upholds both dropshipping and customary eCommerce organizations. 
  • Shopify underpins both domain registration & web hosting, while alidropship enables just web hosting.
  • Delivery by means of alidropship is the duty of providers, while on Shopify, it is Shopify's obligation. 
  • AliDropship includes direct auto cash swapping settings while Shopify utilizes an application and furthermore a manual alternative. 
  • Nothing like Shopify, alidropship doesn't back cryptocurrency payment. 
  • AliDropship is restricted to aliexpress, as Shopify supports a few web-based shopping markets.
  • AliDropship doesn't include store analytics usefulness, yet Shopify does. 

Pros And Cons 



  • Simple set-up procedure
  • Plugins
  • Chrome extension
  • Web hosting backing
  • 3rd party payment gateways 
  • Free & low delivery costs


  • No in-built analytics
  • Restricted to aliexpress 
  • Delayed support



  • Straightforward to set up 
  • Domain name enlistment
  • In-built analytics
  • Web hosting backing 
  • Chrome extension
  • Backs crypto payments
  • A few Shopify plugins
  • 3rd party payment gateways & integrations
  • 24/7 Support 


  • Payment gateways pull in transaction charges.
  • Restricted phone support. 

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AliDropship Vs Shopify: Which One Is Preeminent? 

This inquiry is unquestionably relative, with the appropriate response truly relying upon your experience level, prerequisites, along with spending plan. In spite of the fact that alidropship is an extensively utilized dropshipping platform with consistent dropshipping characteristics, it presents a slight rivalry to Shopify. 

Shopify is an all-in-one solution e-comm platform that permits you to maintain an e-business, in contrast to alidropship, which is restricted to dropshipping on aliexpress alone. Then again, Shopify will empower you to dropship from any sort of online markets. 

With Shopify, the danger engaged with shipping is shared, and you can acquire shipping insurance. Additionally, their web hosting with CDN formulates it a truly solid one, and you can depend on their 24/7client care group for support at whatever point you want it. 

To conclude, Shopify monthly cost plans might be on the high side; notwithstanding, the platform offers various plans for diverse business scales. In this way, regardless of whether you're a macro, micro, mini, or nano business, you'll locate the correct valuing plan with Shopify.

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