How to make money on the road?

How to earn passive income on the road?

Motion Array is a platform for professional video makers. They offer unlimited downloads for video templates, stock video music and much more. They have effects transitions, plugins, a video collaboration app, as well as a website portfolio builder, all included in your membership. It is the one-stop shop for all the video makers out there.

First what exactly is passive income?

We look at passive income as the money that requires little to no effort to both earn and maintain. Passive income is great because it's making you money even when you're not working, and it can take the pressure off you so you get the freedom to venture out further into the unknown without having to worry about staying in the office and dealing with client based work.

As the saying goes: 
Don't work harder, work smarter!

So this is how to make money living on the road:

One possible source of passive income on the road is stock video which should be a no-brainer for you if you find yourself in so many unique and beautiful places and you like shooting videos anyway. So why not upload your media and then every time it gets downloaded by someone you make a little bit of money, especially when it's a simple process and doesn't take a lot of time either. Furthermore, it's not just for video; there's also photos, music, sound effects and templates for Premiere Pro, Final Cut, After Effects and Resolve. If you are into the motion making and doing graphics for a living, you’ll find a few After Effects templates uploaded as well.

There's a ton of stock sites out there but the favorite one amongst users is Motion Array as it gave them the most income against others which were not even close to it. Motion Array is unique in terms of that, and users downloading media from it pay a monthly fee to get unlimited downloads. So since access is unlimited it leads to more downloads at the end of the month, motion Array divvies up the earnings of the site based on the percentage of downloads. Some people make a full time living just on income from Motion Array.

You may want to consider Motion Elements as well:

MotionElements - Royalty-Free Marketplace For Stock Video, Music, After Effects Templates

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