How to Make Money on YouTube for beginners in 2021? (Updated)

Can you guess how much time do you spend watching videos on YouTube each and every day? Don’t you think that it would be better if you could be the one being watched on YouTube, creating content and making money from videos that you upload to the platform?

YouTube’s monthly users are almost as many as those of Facebook, which makes it the second largest social platform online. A large number of its users do watch videos without having to sign up for a Google account, making its unofficial viewership rate even higher.

So the main question we are going to be answering in this guide is: What does it take to make money on YouTube? We will go through all the things you need to understand to start earning an income from the video-platform.

Imagine it’s possible for you today to earn a living by just creating content and uploading videos to YouTube! As a matter of fact, millions of creators out there are receiving paychecks from YouTube each month by showing ads on their videos.

What are the scenarios to start making money on YouTube?

To make money on YouTube, there are actually 2 models that you can apply. You can create a YouTube channel to use it as an ad platform, or as a publisher showing others ads. Businesses pay YouTube for displaying Pre-roll, Bumpers, or TrueView ads, and what YouTube does afterward is that it places these ads on your videos and show them to you viewers before, during or at the end of each video.

As a publisher:
Businesses promote their products and services through creators’ content. They keep paying for YouTube ads because they make money from selling products and services to the viewers that convert on their ads.

As an ad platform:
On your YouTube channel, you promote others’ channels or brands by creating content around them and that could be as part of either affiliate marketing or YouTube Partnership.

Plan #1 – Becoming a Publisher

YouTube's content creators have their channels created on the platform to which they upload their content in the format of videos. When businesses go to YouTube and pay to have their ads associated with the videos that have large and targeted audiences. Afterwards, YouTube will place those ads on the channels with niche relevant content, bear in mind that anyone can run ads on YouTube from big brands to simple individuals with niched audience queries.

If ever this plan appeals to you, then you got to know that it will take some time to pay off as it can be challenging for businesses/advertisers to get the exposure they look for from small channels unless they are willing to spend more money on the platform.

Also, there is a chance that your ad might not be viewed by your target audience, consequently you ad’s CTR (click-through rates) might be minimal and frustrating compared to what you have been said and what you were expecting from all the efforts you’ve put in. However, studies have proved that this method works for most publishers who meet YouTube’s terms & conditions, and the majority of them are making a passive income on a monthly basis.

Plan #2 – Starting an Ad Platform

Most of the people when they think about leveraging YouTube to make passive income online, they automatically think about it as an advertising platform strategy. With this plan, you will be making money from YouTube by hosting adverts from other brands or other people on your channel(s) before your videos get played.

YouTube partner program

YPP or YouTube Partner Program makes it possible for successful YouTube channels to monetize their YouTube videos by placing ads in their video content paid for by other YouTubers, brands, and companies. For this method, you will need to fulfill some criteria with your channel to get it qualified and eligible for monetization through YPP, these criteria will be further discussed below.

If you find that your YouTube channel is ready and eligible for monetization, you then will have to agree to the terms and conditions of YouTube's YPP prior to submitting your channel to be reviewed by YouTube's moderators. The review process will take up to a week, you will get the result by email from the review team.

In addition to all that, you also will need to register your account with Google AdSense to be able to receive your ad revenue through your YouTube channel.

The total amount of revenue you will receive from YouTube correlates with the number of views and videos you upload in a week. If you compare this to someone that uploads videos only once a week or every two weeks, you will be able to notice how number of videos contributes to your estimated YouTube income. Another thing you should learn is that YouTube splits ad revenue between partners in the YPP program, Google keeps 45% of the advertising money, and you get the remaining 55% as a partner.

The Affiliate Partner links

The YouTube Partner Program offers an excellent way for creators to monetize their videos and earn income online. However, it’s not the only option available for YouTubers willing to profit from advertising money.

Affiliate marketing links are yet another popular method employed by YouTubers to increase their income from YouTube. If the channel you are running is successful enough, plenty of brands will be interested to work with you.

YouTubers start their videos recommending a brand or a products for a minute or two before they move onto discussing their main content. This strategy is similar to radio advertising, YouTubers introduce a brand or product/service and ask viewers to click some link in the description below the video.

The link then takes the viewer onto a landing page where he can complete a purchase using some coupon code given by the YouTuber to get a discount. The study has proved that this is a truly effective marketing strategy which is very popular amongst YouTubers especially podcasters.

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Wrap up – Persistence is Key

It’s truly possible today to make a decent living from advertising revenue on YouTube, or by owning a channel and monetizing your account through Google Adsense.

Luckily today, if you are a successful YouTuber, you are your own boss setting the rules yourself for how hard and how much you like to work. Nevertheless, your results are subject to your effort, so take that into consideration.

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