The Top Highest Paying Side Hustles for 2021?

Are you looking for ways you can make some extra bucks from a side hustle? If your answer is a yes, you then would likely get numerous strategies for making money on the side. Nevertheless; considering your own skills and goals, earning a good amount of money in a relatively short time frame, might be very good within your unique reach.
The first website that we think worth the attention is: 

1. Respondent

One main advantage is mainly its highest payout rate that ranges from $80 to $140 an hour which is really a plus. What is Respondent then? Basically, it's when any type of company is launching a new product, they first send it out as a beta product to a bunch of different consumers to be tested. Upon getting your overall feedback on their product - opinion, sizing, weight, price -, they then review it and decide whether they have to make changes or tweak something to make their product even more better.

To be part of Respondent, You basically have to sign up online on their website as a beta tester or beta user. They may need to meet with you in person at an office, but since we are talking work from home, you just need to look for the job titles that include the term "remote" which means that you can do it from home as long as you have an Internet access and you are at least 18 years old.

After registering your account, you then can choose the companies that best fit with your personality and with your tastes whether it be electronic stuff or Beauty stuff... You just have to choose the products you think would fit well with your lifestyle. After that, the company sends you a beta tester of the product you chose.

They actually sends you all the requirements needed like how many words your review needs to be and what aspects of the products they want you to review. This is very common with most of the companies, and according to our research this company has actually gained a lot of popularity within the past year. They are a 100% verified, certified and legit. As long as you are over 18 years old, they may run a background check on you just to obviously make sure you have no criminal history or anything like that.

2. Ebates

This could be a side hustle or it could literally be like a part-time or a full-time job if you actually can manage to get enough referrals. If you know enough people this is the absolute best website where you get cash-back for doing your regular online shopping that you do anyway on a regular basis. So if you are looking for a job specifically from home and you don't want to leave the house this is for you.

You can order clothes, groceries, Christmas gifts, make-up or literally anything online, they have over 2,500 stores. You basically do all of your online shopping like you normally would and you get paid cash-back. It could be 2%, 5% or 10%, the cashback is different from one store to another. Most of their stores usually have 2 - 6% and it costs you absolutely nothing to sign up with Ebates (Rakuten) there's no yearly fee. you can get paid through a check or through PayPal.

Besides, they do have a referral program as well where you do get $25 for every single person you refer, and when they make their first purchase through Ebates you get that referral bonus so if you have a lot of friends and family members you just gave to share your referral link with them and enjoy.

3. Airbnb

Another way of making money from home and with which you could be familiar is Airbnb. An incredible investment and awesome way to make extra money whether it be a side hustle for a few hundred bucks a month or a full-time income. If you have an apartment or a condo or a little side house like a casita attached to your house and no one is using it, just try sprucing it up a little bit for Airbnb guests and charge them for that.

You can make as much money as you can with Airbnb. So if you have any portion of your home that you are not using and you want to let temporary renters come in, this is for you. Most people will need 1 - 3 days to stay in for an event or a vacation. When ready, you just have to sign up for an account with Airbnb and start making extra money on the side.

Let's say you have a vacation house or maybe you rented out an apartment for a year and you're in a lease but you want to go on travel and have someone else come in and rent out those rooms from you, you'll actually end up making so much more than your actual rent.

Imagine having multiple renters paying different fees for different nights, especially if there be like a very popular event going on or a concert or something in your city. You then can charge more per night as demand for rooms will rise. You cannot imagine how much money people make with Airbnb, make sure to check it out.

4. Online Marketplaces

Have you ever heard of Etsy or Poshmark? They both are platforms where you can sell your own stuff, artwork, clothes or whatever items you have around in the house that you don't need anymore. For instance, if you have clothing that you no longer wear which might be brand new or still in very good condition you can list that on Poshmark.

You will be charged a very small fee for that but they also pay for the shipping which is great. Basically, when someone buys something from you they will email you a shipping label so that all you have to do is drop off the package at the post office. Afterwards, Poshmark will pay you your earnings through a bank wire.

As for Etsy, it's pretty much a marketplace where you can sell your own creations. If you are a painter, designer or you hand-make something, you can sell it on Etsy. They also charge a very small fee for a listing and you have to do the shipping yourself.

This article will teach you how you can start making money online as a broke beginner !

Side hustle in a nutshell

Getting an income online is the same as offline in terms of taxes, so as an independent contractor any money you make throughout the year has to be taxed. At the end of the year they will send you a tax form, so make sure you are saving some of that revenue to pay back those taxes later.

With any type of self-employment both online and offline, companies will have you sign up as an independent contractor which is good for you as you get more revenue upfront throughout the year. You have to be financially smart and savvy so that you can always pay your taxes properly at the end of the year and avoid any issue with Uncle Sam.

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