How I Started Making Money Online As A Broke Beginner?

If you are broke and you have zero dollar with zero experience, and want to start making money online, then this article is for you.

A lot of people, who started making money online in their beginnings and are big enough today to make thousands of dollars per month or even per day, have actually started by implementing this particular method. Which is called Launch Jacking.

This method is still working and will make you real money for years to come. It is very easy with absolutely no money to start, and is perfect for beginners as it doesn't even require a website.

Launch jacking is an extremely profitable method but it needs to be done properly. In order for you to implement this method of making money online, you will need two particular websites that you need to check on a daily basis: Muncheye.com and jvnotifypro.com . What these websites are about is that when people, who make digital products, create a course, a software or any other product they need to promote it. So they reach out to these websites and prepare for a launch.

The way you make money with this method is through affiliate marketing. You can actually make a lot of money, Many gurus out there are doing six to seven figures all the time and you can get on-board and take a piece of the pie as well. all you have to do is to pick a digital product of your choice in one of the websites, contact its editor for access and start promoting it to earn an affiliate commission which can go up to 75% of the product price plus a prize pool for top earners.

You might be asking how to promote something like this. A better and effective way to promote these products is simply YouTube, try making a review video about your particular product in which you go through the product details and explain how it works. A YouTube video is literally the easiest way to promote actually anything thanks to its free traffic. All you have to do is requesting a review copy of the product from its creator, make a video and head over to YouTube to publish it.

As soon as they launch the product you will get most of the sales in the first week of the launch and then it will start slowing down, but you will still get consistent sales afterwards from that product. However, you can actually take it to the next level by building an email marketing list. We recommend you link to a squeeze page (a funnel) first rather then linking straight to your affiliate product link, thus you will collect emails and build out your own affiliate marketing list.

To collect emails you will basically need a landing page (funnel) and an auto-responder connected together, to do that you can check clickfunnel and aweber. Then once someone signs up with his email, he will be redirected to the affiliate product page. when he makes the purchase you get an affiliate Commission. That's how you can build up this email list so when another product gets released in the future you can simply send it out to your email list of subscribers that are interested in more products.

After a period of time 6-7 months later you could have 10,000 people on your email list that you could use to send out one email and make $10,000 assuming every subscriber on your list is worth at least $1.00 . That is exactly the secret to build an email list to which you can keep promoting new released products.

This is exactly what's called launch jacking, it is the best way to get into affiliate marketing and make money online as a beginner even if you are broke. You literally do not need any money, it's completely free and anyone can get their phone or use Camtasia to record their screens whilst talking about a product and then upload it to YouTube along with their affiliate link.

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