What Is Drop Servicing? The Beginner's Ultimate Guide To Start Earning Profit Online

Online establishments have been blasting since the 21st century and more folks are bringing in cash directly from their homes. E-commerce, YouTube, blogging, software products, and so on is a portion of the business wherein individuals are in-to. Drop servicing & dropshipping are both another two online business patterns where masses have earned 6 to 7 digits pay on the web. So, what's the contrast between the two? 

What Is Drop Servicing And Dropshipping? 

Drop servicing meaning is a business model where one sells services such as article writing, translation, logo designs and social media management, and so on for certain cash. In any case, you don't accomplish it yourself; instead subcontract it to different freelancers for less cash. In this fashion, the distinction among the two turns into your benefit. 

Dropshipping is practically the equivalent. Yet, rather than services, we utilize real items. Here, we trade items from our site however the genuine product is warehoused elsewhere. Also, when a client purchases the item, we transport it to their destination straightly utilizing different sites for example AliExpress. 

Drop Servicing Vs Dropshipping: Which One's Sounder? What's More, Which One Would You Select? 

Drop-servicing and Dropshipping are genuine businesses that one can begin online. These two are the absolute best businesses to commence on the web. 

Both these business models have their peculiar upsides as well as downsides. On the other hand, drop servicing may be useful for novices while dropshipping may marginally be beneficial for the accomplished ones. 

Drop-servicing is somewhat novel to this lucrative space and doesn't have any sort of training or courses as of right now. In any case, dropshipping, then again, has heaps of courses along with training from eminent professionals and entrepreneurs.

The core advantage of picking drop servicing over dropshipping would be that one wouldn't have to manage repayments accompanied by returns. Earnestly, that is an extraordinary alleviation! 

The facts demonstrate that dropshipping is truly beneficial, and individuals have formed 7-figure enterprises. But then again, that doesn't imply that you can't make a similar sum from best drop servicing ideas. On the condition that you give high-ticket services, drop-servicing can besides turn into a multi-million bucks business. 

What’s Drop Surfing? 

As opposed to at all times picking a similar provider your choice dependent on cost. Providers frequently modify shipping expenses and strategies alongside the rate of the item. Drop surfing permits you to select the best value every time by opting for an alternate merchant for your product. 

Is Drop Servicing Legal? 

Drop-servicing and Dropshipping are authentic businesses that you can launch online. Both of these are probably the greatest businesses to kick off on the web. Both these trade patterns have their own pros and cons. Despite this, drop servicing may be valuable for beginners; notwithstanding the fact dropshipping, may to some extent be advantageous for experienced ones. So, is drop servicing legit? Certainly!

What Are Drop Services? 

Drop servicing is the act of offering a service of a client at a specific cost let’s assume $100. At that point recruiting another person to deliver the service for the customer at a lower rate around $50 and taking the difference without the customer realizing you outsourced the venture. 

What Does Drop Service Pertain To? 

The drop servicing model is that you can drop service anything you desire truthfully. Simply make certain to dropship stuff that you think about, or you'll be in a path over your head.

I exceedingly suggest trying not to offer types of services of excessively multifaceted services for instance SEO (search engine optimization), lead generation, app development, web development, etc. They will cause issues, and you're without a doubt not going to have the option to offer an immense service and have great consumer gratification. 

You could offer simple to outsource stuff however without any issues, for example, copywriting, blog posting, and social management (somebody pays you to post day-to-day on their Instagram and you outsource it to another person.) 

Here are a couple of alternatives that function admirably for a drop servicing business model such as: 

  • Making drop servicing website 
  • Content creation (writing blog posts) 
  • Guest blogging (posting on blogs) 
  • Copywriting for advertising (Google Ads/Facebook.) 
  • Graphic Design
  • Social media management
  • Video editing
  • Video animation or creation 

I could list much more, however you get the point. Mull over what you might want to discover as a service for your trade and set yourself in the shoes of your optimal client. The most ideal approach to locate the correct drop servicing blueprint that will work is to look over trends and view what is presently prevalent as well as what folks are looking for. 

You can try on Google Trends to discover what is presently being investigated and supposing there's a greater trend for it. In case you look for a copywriter resume per model, you perceive that the interest is consistent with a slight upper trend, implying that this is a decent service to offer. 

How Does Drop-Servicing Work? 

Let's presume you discover a customer who requisites writing services for their site. They are eager to pay you $1,500 for the delivery of 10 articles during the following 10 weeks. On condition that you choose to drop service to this work, at the outset you'll locate a freelance writer who is keen to compose the articles for not more than $1,500 that you will be paid let assume $1,000. 

At that point, you obtain the articles back from the author and deliver them to the customer. You've cashed out $1,000, got paid $1,500, and take $500 for your effort. 

How To Start Drop Servicing? 

Quite simple actually as you'll require the fundamentals most organizations needed to itemize as follows and afterward a tiny bit of sorcery to make things simpler. Folks should have the option to discover your services, and you are entail to set yourself up to prevail by having a sheer described rundown of what services one will offer and who will be the ones that you'll outsource them to. 

You requisite to ensure that your sources are consistent in any case individuals will whine and provide your business terrible reviews as they will presuppose that you're the one to bring about the services you’re charging them for. For the genuine website where you'll drop service, you'll want this: 

  • Landing page indicating which services one offers 
  • A well-defined messaging of why they ought to pick you above the competition
  • Payment gateway (secure payment processing) 
  • Email newsletter (subscribe to acquired promotions.) consequently you can send them offers & upsell them with more costly products or services 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
  • Social media marketing set up (piles of conversions can emerge out of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter.)

While certain others in the field may suggest Shopify, I’m definitely not. I have and consistently will be WordPress admirers as it is free, awfully secure, dependable, and quick besides functions astounding. Shopify drop servicing is truly simple for amateurs however can be fairly limited with regard to scaling up. 

Launching A Drop Service Store 

The finest eCommerce store platform you can utilize is the uniform platform that drop shippers use up. I make use of Shopify since it's evaluated as the best in the business. What’s Shopify? It is an online e-commerce tool that permits you to build a store. In that store, you will procure the accompanying: 

  • Store
  • Website optimization
  • Payment processing framework 
  • Marketing tools
  • Social media integration
  • Email subscription and much more 

Regardless of whether Shopify was formulated for physical items, you should simply supplant the product pages with services. On Shopify, you have spots where you can input the service subtleties, cost, and you can likewise add different variations. 

Every Shopify store as of now has an in-built Add to Cart button. This denotes that your clients would now be able to order straight from their gadgets. The last point you need to begin is a marketing strategy. Searching for a service provider and developing a site are the initial steps to the beginning of the process.

You Can Kick Off With Minimum Finances

The good stuff concerning drop-servicing is that you can begin with a low spending plan or drop servicing for free and scale up as you develop bit by bit. You don't necessitate having a huge cash-flow to initiate this business. In any case, beginning this business model, the throughway can take more time for you to see substantial benefits, yet it's all justified, despite any trouble. What you entail to do is make sure you make as much mindfulness regarding your business and the services you propose as well as offer top quality services. 

Appropriate For Novices

On the condition that you are an apprentice attempting to bring in cash online, at that point drop servicing can be a decent business model to reflect getting into. What formulates this trade reasonably is that you just need a little financial plan to begin; besides you needn't bother with any experience to work it. You should simply choose profitable drop servicing niches, set up a website, and offer your services to clients. Similarly, when you instigate promoting your services adequately, you will acquire clients and begin procuring. 

Fundamental Information 

Drop servicing is a straightforward business model to contemplate. Nonetheless, you must be exceptionally pivotal and make certain that you market your business justly. You additionally need to ensure that you offer first-rate services in case that you need your brand to acquire a foothold and become famed. People adore dependable and steadfast brands. Customers who can't work with your services are ineffectively conveyed, and you likewise deliver work behind schedule. 

You must be distinctive to facilitate clients to see the worth of recruiting your services. Consequently, the best way to prevail in this business model and some other trade is to ensure that you offer customers the best value. 

Incredible client service is equally something that you need to pay attention to earnestly. At the point when you take care of your clients well, you will undoubtedly see a positive effect on your business. Customers need to work with a brand that often thinks about them. Subsequently, this is something that you ought to consider sincerely to assist your business with succeeding. Your primary goal must be to see your customer’s attainment, and when they understand this, you will perceive how that will aid you in different methods of your trade. 

Where To Acquire People To Outsource Your Drop Services? 

Universally freelancers login to check for gigs they could work up, there's a ton of sites. Here are a couple of much-acknowledged freelance platforms to discover outsourcing laborers like: 

  • Upwork 
  • Fiverr 
  • ProBlogger
  • People Per Hour
  • Hubstaff Talent
  • Freelancer.com, etc.

Make certain to try out your providers previously giving them gigs to deal with, or you may end up hanging tight for quite a while for delivery or get awful quality services.

The industry is immersed with plenty of laborers who underbid everybody and charge almost nothing. The majority of these websites work through bids which implies in case you put a proposal for a copywriter for resume and your cost is $10, certain may bid to do it for $6 to land the position instead of their contending freelancers. Correspondingly check their reviews and the volume of jobs they finished. It's normally a decent pointer of how they function. 

Is Drop-Servicing Limited? 

Exclusively by your own abilities and what you can understand regarding services you will tender. As referenced above, don't begin selling services you don't comprehend, you won't become successful. As long as you need to ensure you succeed, you must niche down, however, much as could reasonably predictable since you're beginning to put and underline something particular instead of selling heaps of diverse services. 

The bid may appear to be captivating given that you'll figure folks will come and have such countless alternatives… however, truly, you must have a huge load of dissimilar outsourcing sources to satisfy everyone of those services. 

What’s The Expense To Get Going With A Drop Servicing Business? 

To separate it super straightforwardly, it's incredibly economical, yet the greatest cost is the time from the outset. You'll have to purchase and frame-up your site hosting which would go for 3 — $7 per month relying upon the plan you pick. For one site, I suggest the 1st plan. At that point you'll need to construct your website. It’s excessively simple and once more, WordPress accompanies many lovely free themes. 

You can go through the end of the week on creating the site, editing the demo content plus transforming it to your writing, and adding your peculiar services along with business information such as your PayPal account and so forth. At that point, one of the enormous advances in finding the correct services to offer and place them on the site (Backend: add an item, characterize value, add description also featured picture). 

You'll need to optimize titles & depictions according to the perspective of an individual who looks for it. This is essentially search engine optimization and what it does is that it reveals to Google that your content is pertinent to your drop servicing best niches offer, and they set it over the competition in the indexed lists. 

You entail being positioning on Google’s Page 1 for explicit phrases such as: hire a virtual assistant to post on social media, hire a copywriter for resume, etc. That can be tough, so there are consistently SEO experts to assist you with that. Another route is to utilize publicizing, which can be a tad deceitful and costly however in due time, you'll work around it when you require scaling up your activities. 

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Drop Servicing 


  • Drop-servicing is basically simple and uncomplicated. You needn't bother with any proficiencies or anything to begin. 
  • You additionally don’t require any cash to instigate this business in case you select the subsequent procedure. 
  • Drop servicing is significantly safer than dropshipping since you won't have to stress over a refund, returns, and product genuineness. 


  • Delivery time can vary. Not all freelancers can send as expected. Occasionally, because of crises or in light of immense requisition, the delivery could be overdue. To limit this, you could add in any event 2 days to the freelancer’s delivery time. 
  • You should manage consumer gratification here. Continuously outsource your service to great, renowned freelancers who have a ton of good evaluations. 

Would It Be A Good Idea For Me To Take A Course To Do Maestro The Drop Servicing Business? 

Definitely, no one gives this at this stage. Nonetheless, the similitude with dropshipping are practically indistinguishable, so taking an internet drop servicing course & learn drop servicing step by step or get some basic information’s from YouTube drop servicing guides certainly bodes well. What concedes from one another is that you aren’t selling physical products, nevertheless digital products. Notwithstanding, the main expertise you will be effective in is marketing.

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Final Thoughts

A drop-servicing business can be a staggering kind of revenue whenever done correctly. Do your exploration, discover services you think about, and you are sure you can deliver top-notch, on schedule, and valuable to your possible clients and get moving.


Alidropship Vs. Shopify Dropshipping: Which one is better for your dropshipping business?

Establishing a dropshipping business with the affinity of the 2 software’s (Alidropship & Oberlo) couldn't be simpler in contrast with when your chores are done physically. The disadvantage of this is that both softwares are solely and explicitly developed for their platform. 

This implies alidropship e-commerce plugin can't be reciprocally utilized with oberlo. Oberlo just functions on Shopify whilst alidropship is constructed exclusively for both WooCommerce and WordPress. What does this signify for your drop-shipping trade? It implies you need to pick one of the two, and your decision will certainly decide the platform you prefer to dropship. 

What’s Shopify? 

Shopify is an across the board eCommerce platform that makes it plain for you to build an online store, import products into Shopify, acknowledge payments, and deal with your stock all from a solitary platform while never stressing over the specialized features of handling a site, for example, security, web hosting, caching, and so on. The cost for Shopify basic plan is $29/month. The Shopify plan is $79/month & the advanced Shopify plan is $299/month are Shopify charges.

Note: free alternative to Shopify is BigCartel, Magento & 3dcart, etc. and plugin for Shopify are loads like Syncee, AfterShip, Pre-Order etcetera.

Core Attributes

  • Multipurpose e-commerce solution, comprising the capacity to buy domain, CMS & hosting access 
  • Free SSL 
  • 100+ payment openings for clients
  • A lot of accessible e-commerce or Shopify store theme 
  • Simple to use for individuals who don't have coding experience 
  •  CRO optimization components — extremely advanced templates, halted checkout retrieval, numerous dialects, adaptable shipping rates 
  • SEO optimization components — for instance, structured data, metadata, sitemap, and so on 
  • order fulfillment and store management capacity 
  • Web hosting — SSL certificate, email forwarding, unlimited bandwidth, instant upgrades and updates
  • Marketing optimization aspects — discounts, social media integration, email marketing, Google AdWords’ credit 
  • Analytics — conversions, traffic, item explicit reports 
  • 24/7 client care 

Dropshipping With Shopify 

When assembling a drop-shipping business, the end-face of your site will look much the same as any sort of online store. Your clients will have the option to browse the items, add them to your cart, as well as make a payment, much the equivalent as they would do on some other ecomm store. Contingent upon the merchants you pick, you will at that point need to submit the client's request for the shipping. 

Shopify additionally has integration applications for a few mainstream dropshipping marketplaces such as Aliexpress, Printify, Oberlo, and above. In any case, every one of these product marketplaces has its peculiar membership charges, shipping, and different expenses that you need to remember when constructing your dropshipping site with Shopify. 

Oberlo Dropshipping 

Oberlo is viewed as among the top dropshipping organizations for e-commerce. With oberlo you don't have to look for a great many producers all alone. You could import oberlo product from aliexpress straightly to your Shopify store or exploit the extensive rundown of established dropshipping oberlo suppliers.

The Difference Between Shopify And Woocommerce

User-Friendliness: Most clients opening an online store are not developers or web designers. Indeed, even clients who know about fundamental ideas prerequisite a platform that is user-friendly to make use of and comes out of their way. Shopify is the right winner. 

Add-ons & Integrations: No issue how strong an e-commerce platform is, you'll at all times require 3rd party tools and services to expand your store. For instance, lead generation tools, analytics tools, email marketing software, outreach services, and so forth. 

Both woocommerce and Shopify have a monstrous extensions index, besides they coordinate with some 3rd party services. WooCommerce is better than Shopify. 

Payment Modes: There are abundant payments gateways that you can make use of to acknowledge payments on the web. Several payment modes might not be right and proper for you, and certain others cannot be approachable to your clientele.

This is the rationale that it's imperative that the platform you opt for offers abundant payment choices. We should investigate how woo-commerce and Shopify contrast when it accompanies payment integrations. Both are champs. 

Cost: Cost is time and again the extremely vital factor for ecomm site owners. You require assessing the expense of kicking off while likewise remembering the variable expenses for add-on services as well as software. WooCommerce is a genuine front-runner. 

What’s An Alidropship Plugin? 

Alidropship is the multipurpose dropshipping plugin for WordPress, and it’s a rostrum that allows you to make a dropshipping trade through marketing aliexpress items. You can procure a ready-made dropshipping business, host your website with them or merely utilize their module for the WordPress site. Continue reading the in-depth alidropship review:

Core Attributes 

Simple arrangement with no coding experience needed — even though preliminary hosting setup can be testing, therefore, we suggest buying hosting from alidropship, as it's very reasonable 

  • A single click item import from aliexpress 
  • Explicit channels to discover attractive products on aliexpress
  • Viable with woo-commerce themes (the alidropship woo version) 
  • WooCommerce Integration — through the alidropship woo plugin version (Both the original & woo variant are incorporated when buying)
  • Free CRO & SEO optimized themes that are accessible with the plugin
  • Pricing automation — applying a pricing formula to apply explicit standards to existing and fresh items 
  • Automatic price updates — as aliexpress costs change, your store will adjust its pricing
  • Place orders automatically — whether there are 2 standing orders or 30, simply click the ‘order’ button, and alidropship will put in all of the requisitions automatically
  • AliDropship forum — for clients to talk about their experience, matters, and achievements
  • Active email & chat support — typically emails back inside a couple of hours to 1 day
  • Fabulous learning sources, seeing the organization run their own exceptionally effective alidropship stores; they understand what's at present working. 

How Does Alidropship Module Function? 

The alidropship plugin highlights a significant framework for estimating markup – the sum added to the cost of products to cover overhead and income. Subsequently, you decided the guidelines; all fresh items that you will import in the store going to be cost as per the plan. 


  • Import items from aliexpress into your website in a single click
  • Pick mobile-friendly, adaptable themes.
  • In-built marketing highlights to send email & make coupons.
  • Import aliexpress item reviews.
  • Add limitless items.
  • Amalgamate dropshipping with your woo-commerce store. 
  • Automate the module updates.
  • Automate estimating dependent on your custom standards. 
  • Get into analytics and product tracking from your dashboard. 
  • Access free assistance.


  • WordPress can be tough for novices.
  • One-click import just functions on Google Chrome
  • Certain features are paid: for example, a popup for late deals ($29) or product reviews from your own clients (both priced $29)
  • A very few themes are accessible. They additionally are short of adaptability in light of the fact that the majority of the settings are bolted (design, header & menu position, and so forth). 

Alidropship Vs Shopify Dropshipping Store 

The eCommerce business will be worth around 600 billion dollars in the year 2024. Whilst it is frightening stats, it demonstrates a certain something: there's such a lot of cash for online vendors to make in the business. 

There's no uncertainty thinking about that there are in excess of 10 million eCommerce stores on the web. It's not hard to locate an eCommerce storekeeper or online business that doesn't utilize software solutions. 

E-comm software arrangements have reduced the outstanding burden, making it simpler as well as advantageous for online dealers to maintain their business to make sure of the greatest benefit. In the event that you expect to wander into e-commerce, two ecomm solutions will beat the competition: alidropship coupled with Shopify. 

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Resemblances & Contrasts 

  • Auto currency localization
  • Dropshipping platforms 
  • Chrome extension & plugins 
  • Web hosting (Note: alidropship hosting is a shared hosting service)
  • Site templates
  • 3rd party payment gateways 


  • AliDropship encourages dropshipping whilst Shopify upholds both dropshipping and customary eCommerce organizations. 
  • Shopify underpins both domain registration & web hosting, while alidropship enables just web hosting.
  • Delivery by means of alidropship is the duty of providers, while on Shopify, it is Shopify's obligation. 
  • AliDropship includes direct auto cash swapping settings while Shopify utilizes an application and furthermore a manual alternative. 
  • Nothing like Shopify, alidropship doesn't back cryptocurrency payment. 
  • AliDropship is restricted to aliexpress, as Shopify supports a few web-based shopping markets.
  • AliDropship doesn't include store analytics usefulness, yet Shopify does. 

Pros And Cons 



  • Simple set-up procedure
  • Plugins
  • Chrome extension
  • Web hosting backing
  • 3rd party payment gateways 
  • Free & low delivery costs


  • No in-built analytics
  • Restricted to aliexpress 
  • Delayed support



  • Straightforward to set up 
  • Domain name enlistment
  • In-built analytics
  • Web hosting backing 
  • Chrome extension
  • Backs crypto payments
  • A few Shopify plugins
  • 3rd party payment gateways & integrations
  • 24/7 Support 


  • Payment gateways pull in transaction charges.
  • Restricted phone support. 

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AliDropship Vs Shopify: Which One Is Preeminent? 

This inquiry is unquestionably relative, with the appropriate response truly relying upon your experience level, prerequisites, along with spending plan. In spite of the fact that alidropship is an extensively utilized dropshipping platform with consistent dropshipping characteristics, it presents a slight rivalry to Shopify. 

Shopify is an all-in-one solution e-comm platform that permits you to maintain an e-business, in contrast to alidropship, which is restricted to dropshipping on aliexpress alone. Then again, Shopify will empower you to dropship from any sort of online markets. 

With Shopify, the danger engaged with shipping is shared, and you can acquire shipping insurance. Additionally, their web hosting with CDN formulates it a truly solid one, and you can depend on their 24/7client care group for support at whatever point you want it. 

To conclude, Shopify monthly cost plans might be on the high side; notwithstanding, the platform offers various plans for diverse business scales. In this way, regardless of whether you're a macro, micro, mini, or nano business, you'll locate the correct valuing plan with Shopify.


Secret Revealed: How to Make Money from Apps [Ultimate Guide]

Making a mobile app is one thing but making money from an app has its own game plans. In this article we will be answering the following question: How to create an app for free and make money ? So let's find out how. 

In the modern era of smartphones, the mobile app industry is worth more than a billion-dollars and it is getting bigger with time. So it is safe to say that mobile app developers make a plethora of money. But have you ever wondered, how to make money from apps?

Are you excited to know how mobile apps make you money and be the next big thing in this booming industry?

Then stop wasting your time and follow the lead of the article.

How Should I Start My Journey as a Beginner?

Your initial step plays a great role in your desired success in this industry. All of you want to make money but certain things will determine how much apps provide you.

The launching platform is the key factor. It is your call to develop for the Google play store, Apple app store, or both platforms simultaneously.

Apple developers make greater sums of money. One-fourth of apple developers make over $5,000 per month whereas only 16% of Android developers can reach that milestone.

Having said that, Android app developers work for a wider range of audiences. That is why some developers decide to earn money from the play store or make money from Google play which dominates the global market share.

So the amount of money you will extract depends upon which platform you have launched your app.
Flappy bird received $50k per day when it was at the top of the chart.

Making the Actual App

If you are still wondering how do apps make money, you have to understand that making an actual app using the following steps is crucial for success.

We call it our 10 step app making process for beginners:

  • Generate the app idea
  • Do research on the market
  • Set the features you want to have in the app
  • Start designing mockups
  • Start designing the app graphics
  • Create a marketing plan based on market research
  • Start building your app
  • Submit the finished app in the stores
  • Market your app for exposure
  • Get user feedback

Ideas are important for the success of the app. So we start from idea generation. But if you skip the research section by thinking that ideas are everything then you are thinking all wrong. 

Researching the market, competitors, niches and past success is very important for making money as an app developer. 

According to the stats, the android play store platform is 3 times more popular than the iOS store. So your research should check the ideas like - earn money from play store, earn money from app store and earn from other sources. 

Once the research is jotted down, please start putting your design skills. Hire a quality design team if necessary. Your investment in designing might return you a good amount of money later. 

Now, start building the app. Never compromise the quality when you are assembling your next money-making machine. 

If you don't like coding, then you have to know that it is actually possible to create mobile apps without coding. You can do that online without any software. The two main online app makers that we recommend are: appypie.com and shoutem.com .

Once the app takes shape, start your marketing efforts. Take as much feedback as possible and pivot if necessary.

Consider App Reskinning

Now your app is ready for making some money. Before you know how to make money from apps read this section first. 

One thing I would like to mention is the app mightn’t work properly after the launch. You might face some difficulties to cope with the loss of time, money, and energy. 

App reskinning is the best option in this regard.

In this method, you can envelop an already existing source code in a new design. With the help of it, you can save your money, time, and labor.

App reskinning helps you to generate high revenue from the development market but prior to that, you must avoid picking cheap source codes and bad quality designs.

Where to get the source code to reskin? The answer is simply Envato market or Codecanyon,com, look for the code of your choice get it and start reskinning it to make it your own and monetize it with Admob or other ads provider (have no worries because documentation is included, so you will follow the exact steps to reskin).

Reskinning Tools

Mobile app developers and designers use iOS: Code and Android: Android Studio to reskin for the apple and android platform respectively.

iOS and Mac mobile app developers write code in Apple’s IDE (Integrated Development Environment) by using the tool XCode. It is similar to Microsoft or Keynote. If you are not a professional programmer, there is nothing to worry about.

After a few tutorials, you will be capable of building and testing your device.

Android Studio is the place for you to write, edit, and save your projects and project-related files. It will give you access to Android SDK (Software Development Kit) to run your program smoothly.

Video and text tutorials will help you understand how it works.

Obtaining a Source Code

Developing personal code and purchasing the code are ways of finding the source code.

To develop a personal code you need to develop a unique code on the basis of your own idea of which you will be given the copyrights. With this code, you can create as many reskins of your app as you wish.

You may buy a code with some money if you don’t wish to develop a personal one. You will request a license to use this code and receive a copy of it.

According to your need, you buy an unlimited license that enables you to reskin as much as you want, or a limited license offering a limited use. (sometimes once).

Codecanyon,com, Sell My App, Apptopia, Codester like various marketplaces are available online to provide you with source code.

The idea, Code than What?

Do research on trending apps in a similar domain you want to work on. Find out their keywords, description, and demographics to attract customers.  Now make a note of where you want to improvise. 

In the meantime, you will definitely make your final choice on the platform.

To begin app reskinning you need to master yourself in editing programs like GIMP, Photoshop, or Illustrator.

An original graphic asset and the parts of the codes it refers to is the prerequisite of a high-quality design. You need to find it in a particular folder on your app.

Take note of the file size, number of graphics, and dimensions for each graphic. It is mandatory to match the redesigned files with original elements and also because those graphics will later combine to form one design.

Never let go of your app untested.

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How to Make Money From Apps 

After learning all the basics, let’s learn how mobile apps make you some money. Choice of mobile app monetization strategy determines in which your mobile app will generate money. In the beginning, it will be tough for you to extract a large amount of money from your apps. 

You need to be very fortunate to make a great amount of money right at the beginning. There are processes and procedures to strive forward and make plans according to the product and service to gain profit from this giant industry.

Mobile apps are not just for mobile phones anymore. They are now used in additional devices and mobile apps are making money from those platforms.

Here’s a list of the monetization options you can choose for making money from your app. 

  • Selling your app
  • In-app purchases
  • In-app advertisements
  • Subscriptions
  • Referral Marketing
  • Collecting and Selling Data
  • Freemium Upsell
  • Transaction Fees
  • Crowdfunding 
  • Sponsorships

Let's discuss the top 4 monetization options so that you can choose one to get started now.

Selling your app

The best way to make good money from your app is to sell it. Choosing a good niche is very important for success. A high-paying niche can change the game in terms of the actual amount you will earn. 

But paid apps must offer better services than free ones. If you assemble poor research then there’s a chance that users will go for the free apps over your paid version.

In-app purchases

We found in-app purchase a powerful way to monetize your app. But in-app purchases can’t bring success in all the niches. For instance, gaming apps see the highest amount of return from in-app purchases whereas online shopping apps might never rely on in-app purchases. 


Mobile app advertisements can be a great source for making money. Let’s see how much money do apps make per ad - Flappy bird received $50k per day when it was at the top of the chart. 

In-app Advertisements

This form of advertising can take place as text ads via SMS, MMS, or banner advertisements that appear embedded in a mobile website. Though the scope of the mobile advertisement is far greater, nowadays largest portion of internet advertising is targeted at mobile phones. This industry was growing at an annual rate of .43 percent to 8.7 billion in 2014 and still expanding.


The name ‘AdMob’ represents the portmanteau of advertising on mobile. Google is the parent company of Admob.’ If you are thinking about mobile advertising, consider Admob since it is the largest mobile advertising platform in the world. 

The company announced at the beginning of the previous decade that it will rebuild the platform to make it easier for the app developers to work on. Admob has already served over a billion mobile banners in the mobile advertising arena. So checking out Admob before planning your monetization plan should be a priority for you.


Some niches like fitness, travel, online streaming, and event planning should utilize the power of subscriptions. Fitness apps are seeing great growth recently and they are solely dependent on subscriptions. Most of the fitness apps provide multiple subscription options for exercise routines, nutrition, and health-related tips.

Final Words

We know that you’ve been searching for a source where you can just read and know how to make money from apps right away. But we recommend using our entire guide as a checklist.

Don’t rush when you are talking about making your mobile app a money-making machine. Follow the steps one by one and you will see the results soon.


The Top Proven Ways To Start Earning Money with Crypto in 2021


The idea of making money with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may get you scared at first, nevertheless, you actually can profit from the boom of cryptocurrency if you apply certain convenient ways on the matter.

The market of cryptocurrency is still booming as it continues to hit new heights every now and then, and more people are investing in it and making some profit from its mouvement. However, not all the people are successful doing so, some of them are turning millionaires overnight while others are loosing money and fail to pay their taxes. This cryptocurrency market is full of surprises, you could make a fortune or lose a fortune in less than a second.

Making money with bitcoin or the cryptocurrency in general sounds scary and frightening at first glance - particularly today that more and more countries and businesses are entering this market. Yet, there are still practical ways you can apply to take advantage from this booming market.

By reading through the words, you may think that it is too complicated and not achievable. However, making money with cryptocurrencies can be much easier and simpler than you could have ever imagined to be possible and feasible.

Trading Cryptocurrency on Exchanges

One certain way to make a considerable amount of money with little to no efforts is indeed through Trading cryptocurrencies. With that said, whenever there is a decent income there must be some risk. And yes, trading is well known to be risky and not made for the non brave people especially in the cryptocurrency market which is extremely volatile.

However, the main key to win in cryptocurrency is to buy promising coins when their prices have gone low and sell them when they hit their price peaks. It's for this reason that you will need to spend a significant amount of time & energy learning how to trade and searching the right information till you find your winning strategy in trading cryptocurrencies. It's very crucial to learn the when and the how to trade in a smart way so to avoid or reduce the risks associated with the process of trading.

Collecting Airdrops

An Airdrop in cryptocurrency is when projects developers distribute their new tokens free of charge. I know, It may sound too good to be true but the coins are truly free and in fact it's a way of marketing to give away free coins. The free coins are distributed in many different ways and their distribution process depends on many factors. Airdrops are basically free tokens that are ready to be earned in return for some social tasks. For example, they could ask you to follow them on social media, like and share some of their posts or sometimes just submit your KYC to them. The airdrop process is a type of marketing related to cryptocurrency. 

Bottom line

Cryptocurrency era is still in its beginning and the market is getting bearish as bitcoin is hitting its all times high this 2021. Almost all altcoins are now recovering from the bull market of 2019. Even small altcoins like Dogecoin are hitting new heights thanks to big investors like Tesla's CEO Elon Musk who lately invested in bitcoin and dogecoin. to say the least there's still time to get into crypto in quest to making the money that adds up day after day.


The Ultimate Guide To Earn Passive Income With Crypto in 2021?

Have you ever thought of bots taking care of your income?

If not, start today by reading this quick guide. We, recently, noticed that passive income ideas are becoming more and more popular in the United States in particular according to Google Trends data below. However, most of the people interested in passive income have little knowledge about the best passive income sources.

Through this article, we tend to provide help by introducing some great crypto-based passive income ideas to you. If you are interested in creating an extra income along with your regular day job, then check out these passive income examples below. 

Crypto-based passive income ideas are getting more popular thanks to the development of crypto bots like KuCoin's.

Tip: We picked KuCoin's Trading Bot as our case study, read below.

Google Trends Screenshot

What is a Crypto-Based Passive Income?

Studying the subject, we came across this passive income definition on the internet. According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) - “Passive income is earnings derived from a rental property, limited partnership, or other enterprises in which a person is not actively involved.”

In our case, we are concerned with only trading and investing as the main source of income from cryptocurrencies. However, you actually can also earn from crypto without being actively involved.

The passive ways below will, slowly but surely; be adding to your earnings like the traditional interest income or the rental income. You do not really need to spend a lot of time building or maintaining your crypto business with these passive income ideas.

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What are the Crypto-Based Passive Income Sources?

If you are still reading until here, it's time to get you more excited. Be aware that some of the passive income ideas we are discussing here might not be new to you but it would certainly be worth having a look at. 

Let’s check them out :

            1. Staking

Staking is the easiest in the lot. You just need to hold some coins and get rewards. Easy right? Often, blogs, articles, and news websites tend to blow our minds with those crypto mining stories but we have had little to no knowledge about staking methods. In fact, staking is considered as an alternative to mining. So you should learn more about staking if you are interested in passive income sources.

            2. Mining

Mining is a resource extensive source for getting passive crypto rewards. You provide computing power to the blockchain network and get rewarded by the network for your service. Mining requires no active involvement; however, you need to put in some initial investments to get started with this passive income process.

            3. Trading Bots

Crypto trading bots are a modern approach for going passive thanks to the latest technological advancements. Finextra considering this approach as a “Laziest way to invest.” Upon its late release in January 2021, the KuCoin trading bot is gaining much more popularity being one of the best trading bots you can get for free to earn a stable passive income. The bot is built-in and can be used inside the exchange free app. KuCoin is claiming the bot as “a new way to make passive income.”

Introducing The KuCoin Trading Bot

KuCoin is making headlines in allover the cryptocurrency news platforms for its large crypto exchange volume. The exchange is gaining more popularity day after day thanks to its flexibility to accept almost all altcoins along with major cryptocurrencies.

KuCoin trading bot is the advanced management interface for trading crypto on the KuCoin market launched by the KuCoin team to provide a better experience for the users. 

You just need to update the KuCoin app to get started with the KuCoin trading bot and start earning an easier stable passive income. 

An Automated Crypto Bot for a Passive Income

You do not always get a suitable direct trading offer in the exchange market. The new marvelous feature of the KuCoin App, the KuCoin trading bot is the best strategy maker in this volatile market with a wide range of order types.

This advanced platform is pulling a massive crowd. The majority of the people are finding this new feature very helpful to have an edge in this very competitive market.

The Smartest Bot in the Lot

With a large number of automation tools and a simple intuitive layout, the KuCoin Trading Bot interface helps you rise above the competition. It provides you with the most user-friendly backgrounds and levels of experience whereas all other algorithm tools tend to be too simple or too complex.

KuCoin provides bonuses on exchanging and holding KuCoin's Token (KCS) inside the KuCoin account.

Earning Passively With a bonus

If your trading volume reaches 10 USDT, you will be eligible for the free airdrop. Each airdrop is worth 5 USDT and KuCoin will select you the coin among Cardano, USDT, Ripple, Tron, Bittorent, etc.

The validity of the deal is unlimited.

Cost of Maintaining KuCoin (A Quick Comparison)

The following image will help you to have a general overview of KuCoin vs Binance vs Coinbase Comparison :

For an instant comparison at a glance, you may think that Coinbase and Binance exchanges are better than KuCoin. 

However, if you look deeper, you will get to know that in spite of the fact that both Binance and Coinbase are taking the lead of the crypto exchange platforms, they are really prefered when it comes to fees. Kucoin is known for its low trading fees as well as withdrawal fees.

If you happen to have a large sum of fiat money, then Coinbase could be a good option for you. On the other hand, if you are looking to gain profit from cryptos by investing a limited amount of money, then KuCoin is the best match for you.

    - The withdrawal fees on Coinbase are 3% whereas KuCoin is providing this service at only 0.1% fee.
    - The trading fees on Coinbase are almost 4% while KuCoin is taking only 0.05% for each trade.
    - The withdrawal fees on Binance are 35 times higher than KuCoin. And Binance trading fees are also much higher than those of KuCoin.

KuCoin makes it possible to trade and withdraw bitcoin and altcoins at an affordable price. Thus, users on KuCoin are already taking profit from this competitive market. And so will you after having read this in-depth analysis of the KuCoin trading bot which will be more helpful to you to start earning passive income in the long run.

KuCoin Shares “$KCS” is Surging

On the 27th of January 2021, the 24-hour trading volume of KuCoin’s token $KCS was $ with a market price of around $1.13 . The KuCoin Shares price surged up to 2.53% from the previous day, resulting in $92.980.213 total cryptocurrency market capitalization.

The KuCoin Shares is referred to as $KCS.

Pros of KuCoin’s Trading Bot

Upon KuCoin’s official announcement about launching their trading bot, the entire crypto media went on flooding the crypto world with headlines and reviews from cryptocurrency experts and users.

To help users arbitrage in a volatile market, the KuCoin trading bot supports DCA (Dollar-cost Averaging) trading and the Classic Grid trading to make a stable income. The KuCoin trading bot provides an automatic investment plan by which you can control risk and earn a long-term ROI (Return On investment).

You have the possibility to set a target while setting up a KuCoin trading bot that supports the profit target function. When the target you have set is reached, you will get a reminder from your KuCoin trading bot to continue the DCA trade or to sell all positions.

Johnny Lyu, the KuCoin’s CEO, said that the existing investment tools available in the crypto market are still not competent enough. They either are too complex for novices or not yet advanced enough for professional traders. 

The bot features a built-in default user-friendly interface that helps newbies operate in a simple and easy way. Additionally, the option of custom parameters in an AI settings provides advanced traders with the opportunity to use it at their convenience.

He also added that it has made passive income more stable and easier for the platform users.

KuCoin has made a claim about adding features like Margin Grid, Extreme Volatility Killer, Dynamic Position Sizing along with existing Classic Grid and DCA. These new features will provide more utility services to the users of the exchange.

Few Tips Before Going Passive

Now that you have got a complete picture of how to go passive using KuCoin's trading bot, you should consider the following tips so that you can earn more money passively :

  • Never follow the herd. This is a classic trick that should work in the cryptocurrency world also. Always remember that the crypto industry is full of rumors and hype. So do your own research first before jumping into it.

  • Keep top exchanges on your list. Many fake exchanges are making fools of the investors. Don’t fall into their trap. Make sure you study the exchanges very well before investing a dime in them even if you are considering only passive income sources. Always go with the exchange you can trust.

Bottom Line

The legendary investor Warren Buffet once said, “If you do not find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” That's why you need an easier and free tool like KuCoin’s trading bot to make a passive income with cryptocurrency. And this should be your goal for 2021.

While Bitcoin, Ethereum and some other altcoins are on continuous rise since December 2020, it would be a wiser decision to go passive on crypto. Check out our other crypto passive income ideas below and diversify if possible. 

However, considering the AI involved in building a crypto trading bot, we can bet on KuCoin’s being the best to date to go passive with crypto. Besides, you literally can get lazy while still earning your income from KuCoin

Reaching the end of this guide, we would like to conclude with the following statement: Stable passive income sources like KuCoin’s bot should really have your consideration this 2021. So do not miss that chance.

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